The Basics of Inner Peace

Learn how to live a happier and more peaceful life.

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What is Peace Basics?

Peace Basics is a practical online course for developing a more peaceful mind. It is created for the benefit of anyone participating in today’s hectic society.

Spanning over 43 daily lessons, you will learn modern psychology and secular mindfulness techniques that are proven to bring calm and inner peace to any human being.

How stressed are you?

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    We’d like to invite you to take our free 5 day mail course, which is similar to the complete course, only smaller in scope. In it, we explore ways to become more present in our lives and begin learning how to truly appreciate the current moment. We take on the challenge of solving our conflicts and problems at the root level, instead of just scratching the surface. It’s a good way to decide if the complete course is right for you. 

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    Meet your guide: Albin Hagberg Medin

    A Swedish former physicist with a degree in psychology, Albin trained to become a mindfulness instructor in 2011 and has been teaching mindfulness and modern psychology for wellbeing and peace since 2012.

    In 2016 he also initiated a global peace walk as a part of his ongoing efforts to help bring about both inner and outer peace in the world.

    The full course includes:

    • 50+ audio tracks with practical tools to reduce stress.
    • Daily reminders and insights from modern psychology.
    • Inspiration and hope from human cultures around the world.
    • Weekly video clips with more tools and excercies for a more peaceful you.
    • Certificate upon completion. It's useful for anyone in the wellness, coaching and therapeutical professions.
    • Become an instructor! Upon finishing you have the option to hold your own courses at workplaces with our material.
    In total you get more than 50 audio tracks and enough material and excercises for more than six weeks.

    And there is no hurry – You get access to the course for a full year!

    Living Peace

    The course is about much more than just inner peace. It’s a support system to make peace on Earth, one person at a time. You will get inspiration on how you can deal with inequalities, protect the environment, find community and work together.

    Peace Basics is meant to support you to become a force of goodness – 
to live peace in your own unique way.

    About Us

    Peace Basics is created by Albin Hagberg Medin & Erik Svalander through their company Modern Mindfulness Sweden. They make digital courses and apps to spread the benefits of mindfulness and modern psychology.

    Company organization number: 5569550436

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    This digital course is partly funded by the European Union Leader project

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    Take the safe option and enroll in our free 5 day mail course. It is similar to the complete course but smaller in scope, providing you with powerful tools for more presence in your life. After completion you will be able to make a more informed decision on whether or not to invest in the full course.

    We will not spam you or share your email with anyone. We may send news or offers directly related to Peace Basics, but not very often. Unsubscribe anytime.