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Day 1: The First Step

Widespread pollution, terrorism, global warming, extreme economic inequalities, epidemics of mental illnesses…

Life in the 21st century is far from how many thought it would be. It’s easy to lose hope. However, since you made it here, I’m sure you still carry the dream inside of you, the dream of a better life, a more peaceful life for yourself, your family, and the coming generations.

We share that dream with you. We believe there is a deeper purpose for humanity on Earth, than the one we have been living in until today.

A way of living that enriches instead of impoverishes our surroundings.  A way of living that regenerates what has been polluted, solves conflicts without resorting to violence and shares the limited resources on the planet. The more of us who live in this way, the closer we get to a new era, an era where Humanity becomes a peaceful presence on the planet.

Some might call this utopian, but we have seen this happen already in small pockets around the Earth. And it is growing fast.

In this course, you will learn the tools and skills you need to facilitate this shift in your own life, in your own unique way. Skills that free you from stress, self-criticism, worry, and frustration and facilitate the forces of goodness and peace in your life.

The Journey ahead of you will not be easy. At times it will be challenging and you might wonder what use all of this is. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the process. And all of this begins with a single, first step.

Today, you are making this step. Congratulations!

Your first mission is to find the right time and place in your day for your daily 5-minute practice. Each day in the course has a 5-minute guided audio track, which you will always find below your daily text. When you have decided for a place, be it in your bedroom, living room, in a garden, forest, lake, church, mosque, temple, mountain, jungle, wherever you can go to find peace, plug in your headphones and start the audio track.

Good luck on your first steps!

Albin and the PeaceBasics team

Inspired by the UNESCO Motto – “Building peace in the Minds of Men and Women”



The First Step:

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