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Day 2: Room to Breathe

Welcome to the second day!

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend looking on our screens? Or the time we spend looking at the outside world. Compared with the time we spend looking inside ourselves.

For me, the only time I used to spend looking inside myself, was during dreadful nights of sleeplessness. Nights, when I was lying restless for hours and hours. Nothing seemed to work to help me fall asleep. Being forced to listen to my own inner monologue was a horrible experience because I had never gotten any training, any tools on – how – to look inside myself. My inside was just a mess of thoughts going in all directions.

It turns out there is a powerful mechanism we can use to get a grip on our racing thoughts. This mechanism is something you already are very familiar with, it’s called breathing.

The breath is a vehicle we can use to calm the mind. It can become an anchor for your attention, a way of becoming more present with your experience at this moment. For the coming days, your own breath will be your training buddy!

Tune in to the guided instructions and practice the art of becoming aware of your breath for a few minutes.



Should you have trouble sleeping or relaxing, I added a bonus track with a little trick to help you fall asleep easier.




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